Unburnable carbon

joushe info 2022-09-24 0

The ozone layer is a layer of gas located in the Earth’s atmosphere whose function is to preserve and protect life on the planet from ...

Quantum models explained with athletics

stats con chris 2022-04-30 0

We explain in a simplified way the four most important models in quantum transport: free-electron, tight-binding, Boltzmann and ab-initio. To achieve this, we consider an analogy ...

Learning to code with the roulette and answering if we are alone in the universe

stats con chris 2022-04-29 0

We provide the best strategy to win at roulette. This result is supported with algorithms developed in Matlab. Using them, we proceed to explain if there ...

How to download programs in your PC using peer to peer applications

stats con chris 2022-04-29 0

We show how to download programs in your computer using a Peer to Peer (P2P) network. We skip the technical part and focus on the ...

Mathematical strategy to win a ticket for the final match of the FIFA World Cup

stats con chris 2022-04-18 0

We set the path that gives the highest probability to win a ticket for the final match of the FIFA World Cup. This consists of buying ...

PHP algorithm to simulate the FIFA World Cup draw

stats con chris 2022-04-16 0

We learn what an algorithm is by defining one that simulates the draw of the FIFA World Cup group stage. Unlike the FIFA draw that uses ...

Understanding the mathematical model FIFA ranking for the period 2006 – 2018

stats con chris 2022-04-13 0

The FIFA ranking is a mathematical model that allows us to rank the football national teams of the world. Based on the understanding of this model, ...

Linear trends to predict the results of the FIFA World Cup intercontinental playoffs

stats con chris 2022-04-03 0

Considering linear trends, we correctly predict the results of the 2018 FIFA World Cup intercontinental playoffs. In particular, we show that Sweden would be the big surprise ...

Quantum entanglement and the end of cybersecurity

stats con chris 2022-04-02 0

Curiously, the day I thought of her, she also thought of me. Why is love a bit strange? Why do even far away, a couple can ...

Probability theory in the FIFA World Cup Qualifiers

stats con chris 2022-03-29 0

We use probability theory to predict the teams that qualify to the FIFA World Cup. The analysis is centered on the penultimate date of the 2018 World ...

Integral calculus to predict the future of Despacito

stats con chris 2022-03-26 0

Considering integral calculus, we predict that Despacito reaches 4 billion views on YouTube in October 2017 and 5 billion views in April 2018. Officially, Despacito reached these figures on October 11

Linear extrapolation to predict the future of Despacito

stats con chris 2022-03-25 0

Considering linear extrapolation, we predict that Despacito becomes the most viewed video on YouTube, reaching the figure of 3 billion views in August 2017. Officially it did it ...


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