Forecasts from March 2019 to January 2021

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Quantum models explained with athletics

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We explain in a simplified way the four most important models in quantum transport: free-electron, tight-binding, Boltzmann and ab-initio. To achieve this, we consider an analogy with athletics, the world’s oldest competitive sport.

Learning to code with the roulette and answering if we ...

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We provide the best strategy to win at roulette. This result is supported with algorithms developed in Matlab. Using them, we proceed to explain if there is intelligent life on other planets, that is, we define a relationship between the ...

Is the story of 2008 repeating itself? Today the bank that a month ago was considered the best bank in the US falls and #bitcoins explodes +20%. This was the essence of bitcoins. Gold and silver are not far behind. 🍻

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Awesome Nvidia. Solid with 80% control of the GPU market, today they grow +13% and become the seventh most traded public company in the US. 🍻

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Today, for the first time, we bought Philips (Netherlands) shares and doubled our position in BCP (Peru). On the other hand, we keep holding Shell, Nvidia, Tesla, Bitcoin and Gold for 10 years. On February 1st, the market will shake with Powell's speech.🤠

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Besides BTC and ETH. Today we begin to accumulate Dogecoin... the reason... Elon Musk on Twitter.

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We buy #Bitcoin at 20K USD and we keep holding. I forecast a solid growth up to 21.5K USD. It seems that on Monday the stock market will be bullish, but anyways, the real growth will come still in 2023

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Git in Ubuntu Linux

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Tunneling in magnetic tunnel junctions using the WKB approximation

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